Learning to be Flexible

I have noticed recently that my daughter doesn’t handle change well. I guess it is one of the downsides of having a school timetable. Having a timetable means we get stuff done, but I don’t want it to teach inflexibility.

I’m a spontaneous kind of person. I like to down tools every now and then and do something different, but having a timetable keeps me focused on what things are needful during a day or a week. I have always felt that having a good routine for homeschooling means that when opportunities arise to do trips and educational visits and activities we are not going to get too behind with work. I have felt in the past that we have a good balance, but now I’m not sure.

Perhaps I need to use these summer weeks to be more  spontaneous and teach my daughter that it’s okay. So we are downing tools for a few unplanned days of camping with friends. School work will need to be done another time. Flexibility is a good lesson to learn.

The other point about learning to be flexible is one of ordering priorities. My number one ministry after that to my husband is to my daughter and her education, and she knows and experiences that daily. However occasionally life happens and I need to alter our day together. Communicating this as a healthy opportunity rather than an imposition is the key to teaching our children to be flexible. After all isn’t one of the main goals of child rearing to teach them that the world doesn’t revolve around them? The sooner they learn to love their neighbour the happier they will be.

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